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Test drive unlimited 2 dlc exploration patch

23 Feb Atari have released a patch to fix some of the major issues with Test Drive Unlimited 2. Disappearing friends The patch notes were posted on the Test Drive Unlimited 2 forums. Sadly there's no Eden Games have made a statement explaining their decision to release the Exploration Pack DLC for free. 15 Apr "Eden games have announced details on the first DLC 'Exploration Pack' for Xbox , Playstation 3 and PC. The update is completely free plus two more wreck cars; The all-terrain Lancia Stratos “Rallye” and the classic Dodge Charger which you must find 20 car wrecks in Ibiza and Oahu to unlock. 23 Feb The team behind the game "spends a great deal of time looking at community feedback", so if you are still unhappy with your Test Drive around Ibiza, then check out the TDU2 forums and post your comments. No exact date has been announced for the Patch and the "Exploration Pack", but they should both.

As has been confirmed by but somewhat hesitantly received by some who feel that it may be false (due "to anyone being able to create a blog"), I can state that an Atari official has confirmed that the Exploration Pack DLC is definitely coming. It hasn't been canned, cancelled, terminated or fed to. Eden games have announced details on the first DLC 'Exploration Pack' for Xbox , Playstation 3 and PC. The new patch to the game fixes. 8 May The PC version of Test Drive Unlimited 2 received a free downloadable content pack this weekend. Eden Games plans to release this Exploration DLC for the consoles soon as well. Also included in the update are a number of bug fixes. For example, cars will never start flying or go invisible. Both of those.

The first big content update for TDU2 is almost here! DLC1, also known as "The Exploration Pack" is almost out the door! This update includes some great features If that doesn't satisfy your curiosity, check your favorite car dealerships for a sneak peek at some of the upcoming DLC cars! FREE DLC1: The Exploration Pack. 29 Sep Tdu2, dlc1-patch and dlc2-patch, are both free expansions to the game All steam compatible with 20 more timebomb challenges, the OCRaces, more clothes in shops, more furniture in houses, many bugfixes too. Extra Pay for dlc was added too, cars and casino with 1, motorbikes and more cars with 2. cars. 23 Feb The first helping of Test Drive Unlimited 2 downloadable content - The Exploration Pack - will be ? Because a patch to remedy the game's many bugs h.


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