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12 Jan Introduction to Loading Google APIs. To load the APIs, include the following script in the header of your web page. ">. Next, load the Google API with ( module, version), where. module calls the specific API module you wish. 12 Sep ChartWrapper to automatically load them for you. For Geochart and Map Chart, you must load both the old library loader and the new library loader. ">. Recently, our drupal installation encounter performance degradation and when doing Network analysis (via Browser), the GET item takes a long time to complete. (Around mins). I turned off Google Chart Tools ( and related items and everything is fine now). I am not sure what is causing the.

Yes, definitely. Google encourages it. Everyone benefits. It's more likely to be in their cache, and it's one less file that you have to serve. No; your computer must have live access to in order to use charts. This is because the visualization libraries that your page requires are loaded dynamically before you use them. The code for loading the appropriate library is part of the included jsapi script, and is called when. 3 Jun isation contains a hard reference to which gives mixed mode issues when servin daviz over https systems. Can this be changes to // to use http/https or better, use https always as is already done in charts?.

1 Jun On my server the Content Security Policy is strict, which does not allow any javascript file to be downloaded from As enabling whole google domain is very risky. max i can do is to allow and subdomain of google. Please suggest me any alternative for getting the file. The loader is loaded using a script tag of: ?key=YOUR-KEY"> Once you have the loader available, you can request additional modules using the () method: ("feeds", "1"); ("search", "1"); . Hello. Would you be so kind to help me to figure out what uses this script in your theme? "> Sometimes it takes up to 2 sec to load it, so I'd .


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