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No end in sight documentary

No End in Sight is a documentary film about the American occupation of Iraq. The film marks the directorial debut of Academy Award-winning documentary film producer Charles H. Ferguson. The film premiered January 22, at the Sundance Film Festival. The film opened in limited release in the United. Documentary · A comprehensive look at the Bush Administration's conduct of the Iraq war and its occupation of the country. 27 Jul A scene of the war in Iraq from “No End in Sight,” a documentary directed by Charles Ferguson that includes analysis by diplomats and generals. Credit Magnolia Pictures. So far, some of the best documentaries about the war in Iraq — “Gunner Palace,” “The War Tapes” and “Iraq in Fragments,” for example.

27 Jul Well crafted film that is a must see for anyone who are interested in the subject, No End in Sight is stunning insight into the war, and one that is necessary to understand. In terms of a documentary, No End in Sight is a standout genre film that definitely can stir up some debate and make you ask important. 9 Aug The Iraq war has yet to yield up its latter-day version of de Antonio's landmark Vietnam documentary In the Year of the Pig, but Charles Ferguson's No End in Sight will suffice for now. No End in Sight is a documentary film that focuses on the two-year period following the American invasion of Iraq in March The film asserts that serious mistakes made by the administration of President George W. Bush during that time were the cause of ensuing problems in Iraq, such as the rise of the insurgency.

9 Aug Remember the scene in "A Clockwork Orange" where Alex has his eyes clamped open and is forced to watch a movie? I imagine a similar experience for the architects of our catastrophe in Iraq. I would like them to see "No End in Sight," the story of how we were led into that war, and more than No End in Sight movie reviews & Metacritic score: The first film of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq's descent into guerrilla war, warlord rul.


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