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Sleep paralysis documentary

12 Oct The Nightmare takes on an issue that afflicts about 10% of the population, wherein night terrors feel very real. Documentary · A look at a frightening condition that plagues thousands; sleep paralysis. This documentary explores the horror of sleep paralysis, a temporary disorder in which the sufferer, trapped between waking and sleeping, cannot move. Watch trailers & learn more.

This is not a film at all, but rather a documentary about sleep paralysis. It goes over the condition and how it works, and why so many people around the world experience it at some point or other. Much like similar films about this condition, it plays it up as a really big, scary experience but when you understand it, it's not so . Has anyone watched this movie? Really interesting stuff. They talk to a bunch of people that have experienced it and their views on what's causing. How many of you in this classroom have ever heard of "Sleep Paralysis"?.

8 May My old friend Rodney Ascher, director of the fantastically weird Room , has completed another documentary exploration of high weirdness: The Nightmare, a real life horror story about people who suffer from sleep paralysis. Watch the trailer above. "Sleep paralysis (is a).


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