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Mass effect savegame pc

I don't think it's a spoiler at this point to say that it's official that ME3 to Andromeda save importing is NOT a thing. Therefore In addition, Bioware has gotten around to doing their own save file system with Mass Effect Archives. PC players, Nexusmods now has sections for all 3 ME games with a lot of great mods there. Sep 18, Run Mass Effect 2 and select New Game from the main menu. Select Import ME1 Character. Your save game should now appear in the list. PC players will need to choose fectSave files they want to import from the loading menu. If the above steps do not work, copy Mass Effect save games from. Jan 16, Mass Effect save to Mass Effect % WalktroughAll codex entries obtainedSave game details- Default Male Shepard look- Earthborn/War Hero/ Soldier/Shock Trooper- lvl Full paragon walkthrough, but max renegade points is earned too (thanks to Lorik Qui'in)- Romanced Liara- Wrex recruited +.

Jan 22, I beat it on the Xbox, and just preordered ME2 on Steam. I'd like to find a saved game from someone who beat it similar to my experience. Any ideas. Jan 26, Don't want to replay the first game? Want to use a level 60 save instead? Simply lost your saves altogether? Worry no more. Thank your buddies over a. Xbox and PC owners can purchase Genesis separately. However, with the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy as well as a PSN downloadable version of Mass Effect, players can now import a Mass Effect Shepard into Mass Effect 2 to have a seamless play through of the trilogy. Another way of getting the save game.

Games Discussion · Nintendo Fan Club · PlayStation Nation · Xbox Association · PC/Mac/Linux Society · Mobile Connection · Bug Reporting & Feedback · Off- Topic Discussion · System Wars · Sports Bar · Ask the Mods · Retro Gaming · PC & A/V Hardware · YouTubers / Streamers Unite · GameSpot Polls. There's a new update on the main Mass Effect Saves page! * PC Users: After you download, visit the Mass Effect 2 Import Walkthrough to know how to import your save into Mass Effect 3! As long as your PS3 users, I'm sorry but so far I haven't found a solution for save game exporting and importing. Please visit this thread. Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor (Modified) should allow you to convert save files between Xbox and PC formats. Here are some instructions for moving the save files to and from the Xbox


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