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Lost base minecraft

Keep in mind that Minecraft Alpha is HUUUGE. The big base that you so proudly built up isn't even a tiny dot on the overall map. (Well, the possible map - it. Almost every Minecraft player knows what it's like to get lost on an expedition. If you're not Four Methods:Preventing Yourself from Getting LostUsing Coordinates and/or SuicidingUsing a CompassUsing CheatsCommunity Q&A. Almost every On your way back, follow the line of objects back to your base. You can also. So I lost my base. When I logged in earlier this week I spawned into a tree and died, and unfortunately the last bed I slept in had been removed.

Recently just started a minor base, and have only a few chests, torches and raw cobble placed. Unfortunately, I died and my spawn was a good deal away from my base location. Are there any 3rd party mods or apps that i would be able to use to locate these items and find my way to them?. If you don't want to use any external tools then you could build a tower where you are and climb to the top. Then turn the render distance to maximum so you can see as far as possible. This may enable you to spot some features you recognise and will also give you a reference point in case you get lost in.


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