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Wolf quest slough creek

Slough Creek is an area in WolfQuest Episode 2 in which you raise pups. After a bitter winter, the player and their mate know the time has come to start a pack. Other wolves have already claimed the slopes of Amethyst Mountain, and so you and your mate have wandered to Slough Creek, another. To view or modify the content in this article, go to Slough Creek (), Slough Creek () or. You can help out the WolfQuest Wiki by re-organizing parts of the article, checking grammar and spelling, and doing other helpful things to correct the article. The first objective of Survival of the Pack is to find a den. There are four territories where the player and their mate.

The sixth and final objective of Survival of the Pack is to ensure your pack survives the journey from your territory to the designated rendezvous site. Important note: Once started, there is no going back to the territory you chose at the beginning of this episode! You can opt not to start this.


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