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Ubercart file s not working

Filename is not displayed correclty in mail confirmation message, Needs review, Normal, Bug report, -dev, Code, 4, 3 years 2 months, 5 years 11 months. Permission Issue – Can view all uploaded files (not working), Closed (fixed), Normal, Support request, -dev, User interface, 2, 3 years 9 months, 3 years 9. 2 Jun Hey Ubercarters, I've got a use case where I'm trying to assign a role and offer a file download upon purchase of a product. While this works perfectly for authenticated users, it doesn't seem to work for anonymous users. Neither the role is assigned nor does the file show up as a download. 19 Jul I am working on a Drupal 6 website that uses Ubercart to offer file downloads. Despite this, when my users order a product and go to the file tab on their user profile, it says: No downloads found. After reading several supports threads on the issues, it seems the problem is with conditional actions.

16 Jul Currently only the user that uploads the file are able to view it (from the store view order page). At this time: All files are currently stored in the temp folder. Odd enough when I enter the entire path: .jpg I am able to view the file just fine, I am not able to access the. This method fails to take into account a user who is not logged in and wants to directly download the file without login. Page not Found img/ Anonymous user (I assume this is spurious as I see this frequently for all users) After Changing to the dev version of ubercart the file downloads started working for me. 25 Jan I changed some settings, but when I clicked on the "Save configuration" submit button, this button was not working. I didn't get any errors, button was just still not working. I have attached the product settings Show 1 more file. Members fund testing for the Drupal project. Drupal Association Learn more.

19 Oct The download links generated in File Downloads notification email are not working. I have created a conditional action for a certain product type to change the order status to Completed. The File Downloads email is sent out but the link for the file download does not work and is different from the download. I've set up Amazon S3 File Downloads for Ubercar in our store and the download link isn't really grabbing the file at all. Everything else is in order. As admin I could access the files through my s3 bucket and as a customer i could purchase the file through paypal. But when I go to my account page > S3 Files tab and try to. I'm very close to having this working now. I'm hoping someone can shed some light. Here is what I've done so far: Signed up for S3 and CloudFront - Installed CloudBerry - Created a Bucket and created the same directory structure in that bucket as I have on my site currently - Uploaded my files to the bucket - Using.


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