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The Sub-Zero Containment is a room on the Main Deck of the BSL Station in Metroid Fusion. Samus Aran will constantly take damage within it if she has not obtained the Varia Suit as a result of becoming a Metroid hybrid. The Sub-Zero Containment can be entered early on in the game. 21 Aug Sub-Zero Containment is a room within the Main Deck of the B.S.L research station. The small room is a cold containment cell, holding nothing but the frozen carcass of Ridley. If Samus visits the room before obtaining the Varia Suit from the Mega Core-X, she will take damage from the cold environment. 16 Sep What was once a mission to invesigate, now became a mission to survive.

1 May At first the head will travel straight down, but afterwards it'll come down to where Samus is standing, using the Morph Ball to get out of the way quickly often helps. Don't get too . Try your absolute best to avoid falling into the lava pool as it's a complete pain trying to get out of it with projectiles raining down. OK, since I decided to make A page in the forum about the two hacks Metroid Subzero and Metroid Underground These hacks are of Super Metroid. Don't Ask me where they are going to be released [attachment deleted by admin]. «Last Edit: June 21, , AM by Zhs2». Logged. This isn't consistent with the Super Metroid map, which shows Brinstar much further below the surface, and not to the right of Tourian. I don't like speculating, but the change in location of Brinstar would suggest it sunk or otherwise became lower than Tourian between Metroid/Zero Mission and Super Metroid. This would .

13 Aug Stream Metroid Prime 'Sub-Zero' (Phendrana Drifts) Remix by Emunator from desktop or your mobile device.


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